Terms & Conditions

Article 1. Conditions with regards to Play&Gold


This regulation lays down the conditions of the Play-Gold-actions, organized by Proximus SA. Participants are expected to know these rules and have to unconditionally agree. No dispute in this regard shall be taken into account. The regulations are available on http://www.playandgold.be.


Article 2.  Conditions of participation


2.1    Play&Gold is reserved for active Pay&Go customers (who logged in into Play&Gold before 3/3/2022) and is therefore not available to customers with a subscription or a card from a partner.


2.2    Customers under 18 require authorization from their parents to take part in the campaign. If a minor participates in the contest, Proximus assumes this is with parental consent. If this consent cannot be proven the minor may be declined the right to participate in the contest and the allotment of his/her bonus and/or prize.


2.3   The ‘Play&Gold’ campaign only applies within Belgium and to natural persons residenting in Belgium.


2.4   The customer can obtain participation codes until 2/6/2022. All activated shovels and Piratapult tickets can be played till 1/7. Gold coins remain available until 31/08/2022.


2.5   Proximus has the right to exclude any person, if one or more of the conditions aren’t respected or if the customer is trying to cheat or mislead to gain benefit from the game.


Article 3. Gift catalogue and gold coins


3.1 Gold coins can be exchanged for gifts or offered to another customer.


3.2 The gift catalogue can be accessed by the client on the website after logging in on the homepage with his personal code and mobile phone number or via the app.


3.3 Some gifts, such as text messages and call minutes, will always be available in the prize catalogue. Other gifts have a limited stock and will be available as long as the supplies last.

3.4 Each gift is subject to its own specific conditions (validity, minimum purchase amount, ...). The customer can consult these conditions before making his choice by clicking on the gift itself. Any additional information will be provided in the confirmation email.


3.5 Gold coins can under no circumstances be exchanged for cash.


3.6 Proximus can, at any time, change the number of gold coins needed to obtain a specific gift; add or remove new gifts to/from the catalogue.


3.7 Customers may choose to exchange their gold coins or to save them for later. A customer has, at any time, access to the gift catalogue to consult the gifts until 31/08/2022.



Article 4. Identification


4.1   The identity of the participant will be determined based on the information provided by the customer.


4.2   Proximus cannot be held responsible if the identification of a participant is impossible if this last one has provided erroneous or incomplete information.


4.3   The usage of a false identity (name, address, telephone number, email address) will lead to the exclusion of the participant.


4.4   Participants accept explicitly that their name will be published in case of a win, without this giving any right to compensation to the customer. 



Article 5. Responsibilities


5.1   Proximus is not responsible for eventual damage, physical injury, accidents or death following the winning of one or more prizes or the participation to the contest.


5.2   Proximus is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by the usage of a prize won. The winner can direct his claim to the manufacturer of the product.


5.3   Proximus is not responsible for B-Post or other carrier services causing damage to the gift or the customer during the delivery of the prize. Any physical prize which has been damaged during transport must be refused on delivery. Damage must be reported within 48 hours to the free Proximus Customer Service on the number 6030.


5.4   If the prize won are tickets for a concert, movie or event, a cancellation doesn’t create a right for compensation by Proximus.


5.5   Proximus is not responsible if the contest needs to be changed, postponed or cancelled due reasons out of its control.


5.6   Proximus is not responsible for any technical issues of any nature even if this is causing a communication issue.


5.7   Participating includes the understanding and acceptance of the limitations of the internet by the customer, especially possible technical limitations and hazards. No complaint will be accepted regarding this point


7.8   Damage and faults which cannot normally be detected at the time of delivery must be reported to Proximus Customer Service within eight weeks of the delivery date.  Claims are only admissible if the contested products are in the same condition as when they were delivered. Claims relating to minimal differences, unavoidable faults, whether normal or technical, with respect to quality, colour differences, weight or the level of finishing of the items will not be considered.


5.9   The prizes are only guaranteed during the period and within the limits of the manufacturer's warranty. Material defects and manufacturing and/or assembly faults detected during this period and which could not reasonably have been detected during the initial eight-week period following the order date must be immediately reported to Proximus Customer Service, and in any case before the expiry of the warranty period. If the claim is justified, Proximus will replace or repair the items delivered or the faulty parts, without being liable for any other compensation.


5.10   Questions concerning undelivered items will only be followed up if the maximum delivery time of six weeks has been exceeded. No claims relating to undelivered gifts will be considered once the 10-week period following the receipt of confirmation of winning the prize has elapsed.


Article 6. Privacy


All personal data provided by the participants will be stored in a Proximus database (Koning Albert II-laan 27 in 1030 Brussel). All data will be treated according to the law of 8 December 1992 regarding the protection of the private life. Data will be used for the contest or for future informative or commercial communications regarding Proximus products and services. Customers can contact the Proximus customer service free of charge to update, consult their personal information or to request to not receive any communication.



Article 7. Supervision 


7.1           Proximus will supervise the correct proceeding of the contest.


7.2           No information will be shared orally or by writing.


7.3           Complaints regarding this contest should be addressed to Proximus (Proximus nv, Koning Albert II-laan 27, 1030 Brussels) by writing within the 30 working days after the end of the contest.


7.4           The Court of Brussels is qualified to handle any disputes. This contest is subject to Belgian law.



All rights reserved, Proximus, 07/2022.